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St. Matthew's United Church is a busy and active family of God that takes joy in working together to promote a friendly and family atmosphere from the welcome to the send off.  You can see and get a feel for the many ministries and programs available in other parts of our website.  Our general desire is to care for one another doing God's work and sharing our faith.


We offer ministries of hospitality and care as we welcome people to church, when we serve grieving families with luncheons and when we share joy around the table at Fun and Family Suppers with Integrated Worship.


Our Sunday School Caring Committee, United Church Women and Men's Fellowship are actively involved in visiting and encouraging any member of the congregation when emergencies or illness strike or when folks are shut in and unable to continue their faithful Church attendance.  We try hard to help people realize that when they cannot come to the church, the church will come to them.  And we are all the church and members of the family!  


There is a lively and inspiring Music Ministry that encourages our Choirs and our special musical guests to inspire our praises to God.  


We delight in one another's talents and we invite anyone who would like to participate in the ministry of this family of God to join us!

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